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Plymouth Rotary
Corporate Membership Program

Benefits to the Corporation (Business or Municipality)

  • Ability to have greater Involvement and making contacts with other business and community leaders.
  • Ability to leverage time and see improved results in community outreach, making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Ongoing leadership training.
  • Increased positive exposure in the community.


  1. Approval. A corporate entity or organization that can become an eligible corporate member of the Rotary club through the approval process established by the club.
  2. Designees. Once an entity becomes an eligible corporate member through the established approval process, it may appoint up to four persons to be its designee, one of whom must be a member of that entity senior executive group (the prime designee); others can be managerial, or key individuals of the entity.
  3. The prime designee shall be listed on the rolls of Rotary international as the official member of the club. Shall have the ability to hold office, be a board member, and vote on all club matters.
    The additional designees may be assigned the ability to vote on club matters, and their attendance will count toward the attendance of the prime designee if the prime designee is absent from that meeting or function.
  4. Each designee shall receive a Rotary pin, and encouraged to attend the club meetings and functions as well as District and International functions.
  5. Changing designees. The club will determine the ability of the eligible corporation (entity) to change any of its designees so long as at all times one of them is a member of the eligible senior management group.
  6. Induction. A corporate member designee will be formally inducted into the club as established by the club.
  7. Classification. The classification of the eligible corporation will be established by the club.
  8. Receipt of the Rotarian or Regional Rotary Magazine. The Prime designee will be the recipitant of the Rotarian and any Regional Rotary magazine.
  9. Rotary Dues. The corporation (entity) shall be responsible for all dues, and any related expenses, ie Conferences and assemblies.