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The Rotary Club of Plymouth / Broadcaster  / Broadcaster: June 24, 2022

Broadcaster: June 24, 2022

President Dale, in his suit to honor Don Morgan, rang the Rotary Bell to start our meeting at 12:05 P.M

Our greeter today was Rich Cherney. If you are interested in helping out with being a “greeter” at a meeting, please see Rich.

President Dale presented a power point showing all that had been accomplished by our club over the last year. A few highlights:

               -Cooked over 8600 chicken dinners – raised $50k for the foundation

                -Ten new members this year

                -New social events including: cider mill, brewery, holidays pops concert

                -Public policy programs throughout the year

                -Distributed seedlings, planted flowers and trees

                -$34k in Memorial scholarships

                -120 PCEP students participated in Interact activities

              -$120k to support scholarships, local/international projects, and community organizations

Other announcements and important dates coming up:

  • 6/28: Meet the Governor Night in Harrow; Contact Jill  Marontate at Pint Glasses  commemorating Traci’s Year and RI President Jennifer Jones are also being made available
  • 7/8,9,10: Art in the Park Parking: Sign Up!!! See Preston Gee

Following our lunch, it was time to honor our traditions of toasting to the Queen, which was done by Tim Joy; and the President of the United States, conducted by yours truly.

The invocation was by Paul Sincock which asked for guidance for Club President Penny, District Governor Traci, and Rotary International President Jennifer as they take over the responsibilities of running Rotary locally and around the world. 

President Dale introduced the winners of our Memorial Scholarship as well as their parents and/or guardians.


The program this week was the “Changing of the Guard.” This time honored tradition introduces the new Club President and Board of Directors, while thanking the previous Club President for all their work and efforts of not only the last year, but all their years in the club.

District Governor Elect Traci Sincock swore in new Rotary Club of Plymouth President, Penny Joy, as well as the New Board of Directors.

Before Penny officially took over the meeting, there were a few Paul Harris fellows to be presented to members for their significant contributions to the Rotary Foundation over the years.

President Penny took over the meeting and thanked Past President Dale for his commitment to the club and Rotary in general. She thanked him for bringing the club back out of Covid and returning to a level of normalcy, with an emphasis on the fellowship.

President Penny also asked for the Club’s help in one of our larger fundraisers, parking cars during Art in the Park. Since we have a number of members signing up to park cars during our regularly scheduled club meeting on July 8th, we will forgo the official meeting to be in service of the club to give everyone a chance to be involved.

It’s gonna be another great year to be involved with the Rotary Club of Plymouth. There is a lot planned, but it takes all of us to make it happen. The club is participating in Club Visioning which will help direct the next five years. The Club met and came up with a list of goals to accomplish over the next five years, now its time to put it into action. Past President Dale, Kirk Kohn, Rich Cherney, and Josh Mrozowski are leading the charge of the action steps necessary to bring our goals to reality. If you would like to be involved in this step of the process, please contact one of them. We hope to roll this out during our July 15th meeting.


50/50 was won by Chuck Lang this week and our 2nd chance would have gone to Dan Amos had he been in attendance and bought a ticket. Join us on July 15th, when second chance will be up to $100

Yours in Service

Chris Porman, Broadcaster Rep.