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Club Administration


This committee has the responsibility to set weekly programs that are fun, useful, and informative for Club meetings. In addition, the committee schedules “classification talks,” as appropriate.


This committee is responsible for planning and implementing fellowship events through the Rotary year. These include parties, sport events, picnics, special events, etc.


New Member Projects

This is a committee comprised of new members and overseen by a past President and a more senior Club member. This committee is designed to get new members into a project and expose them to the Rotary concept and community service on a gradual basis. For example, this Committee organizes and plans the annual Club picnic.

Service Projects

Community Services

This committee, with the help of our Interact Club, organizes and oversees parties and other events, such as Bingo Night and holiday parties and special events for senior citizens. Additionally, the committee will assist with other events, such as the Pumpkin-Walk” sponsored by local merchants during Halloween.

Chicken BBQ

The Chicken B-B-Q is the Club’s largest fundraiser. The committee is a “progressive committee” in that each member will move up the committee ladder until he/she is the Chairperson. The fundraiser is like a one day business, although it requires many months of planning. Profitability, fellowship, and seemly operation are of the utmost importance. The committee has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the tradition and reputation that has afforded our Club through this long standing fundraiser. The Chairman and Purchasing Agent must meet with the officers and Board to present their business plan, budget, and pull the necessary permits to operate the project. In addition, the committee must appoint a representative to the Fall Festival Board to protect the Rotary Club’s interests. After the completion of the event, the Club will seek out and find a new member for the committee to keep the progression. The committee will file all necessary financial forms, accounting, and tax liabilities within 30 days of the event’s conclusion. In addition, they will present the net proceeds during a Club meeting, usually before October 31st.

Golf Outing

The Club’s golf outing in May of each year is the Club’s second largest fundraiser. This committee is responsible for planning and running the event. The chairman will work with the advertising committee to attract sponsors and patrons. Usually, all accounting and financial aspects of the events must be submitted to the Club Board within a month after the event.

Memorial Scholarships

This committee selects local students for scholarships for a 4-year college program: various criteria, most notable community service.

Vocational Scholarships

This committee selects local students for scholarships for a 2-year community college program; Various criteria, most notable need-based and academic success.

Four-Way Test

This committee is charged with promoting the Four-Way Test in the community and local School system. An annual essay writing contest is held, whereby 6th-8th graders submit essays about how the 4-Way Test might apply in their lives. Typically over 1,000 essays are submitted. Many winners are chosen, and they, as well as their teachers and parents, are honored at a Club luncheon.

Youth Exchange

The committee plans and implements the exchange student program. This involves all aspects of the exchange student program including inbound and outbound students, arranging host families, financial stipends, background checks, international applications, and counselors for the students.


This committee oversees our local Interact Club at the High School. The committee members provide supervision and counseling for the group and help the students incorporate the ideals of Rotary into their lives.


This committee oversees the Club’s projects with respect to the environment, primarily with beatification projects in local playgrounds and downtown areas in the City. Also, this committee distributes seedlings to 6th-8th graders for planting at their homes.

World Service/Disaster Response

This committee focuses on worldwide (including the U.S.) issues and needs, and primarily focuses on providing financial aid to those issues and needs. World Service/Disaster Response meets 2 to 4 times annually either in person or by zoom.  The committee has 5 to 10 members and is funded by the Plymouth Rotary Foundation.