Chicken BBQ Committee

The Chicken B-B-Q is the Club’s largest fundraiser. The committee is a “progressive committee” in that each member will move up the committee ladder until he/she is the Chairperson. The fundraiser is like a one day business, although it requires many months of planning. Profitability, fellowship, and seemly operation are of the utmost importance. The committee has a fiduciary responsibility to protect the tradition and reputation that has afforded our Club through this long standing fundraiser. The Chairman and Purchasing Agent must meet with the officers and Board to present their business plan, budget, and pull the necessary permits to operate the project. In addition, the committee must appoint a representative to the Fall Festival Board to protect the Rotary Club’s interests. After the completion of the event, the Club will seek out and find a new member for the committee to keep the progression. The committee will file all necessary financial forms, accounting, and tax liabilities within 30 days of the event’s conclusion. In addition, they will present the net proceeds during a Club meeting, usually before October 31st.

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