4 Way Test (2019-2020 Chair Carol Souchock/Tony Bruscato)

4 Way Test Educational (2019-2020 Chair: Penny Joy)

Academic Scholarship (2019-2020 Chair: Habib Zuberi)

Attendance & Guests  (2019-2020  Chair: Denise King)


BBQ (2019-2020 Chair: Kent Early/Brandon Bunt)

Birthday/Get Well  (2019-2020 Chair: Eric Joy)

Broadcaster (2019-2020 Chair: Tony Bruscato)

Centennial (Club’s 100th Anniversary) (2019-2020 Chair: James Geitzen)

Community Service  (2019-2020 Chair: Tony Bruscato

Dry Run (2019-2020 Chair: David Batts)

Environmental (2019-2020 Chair Jeff Stella)

Finance (2019-2020 Chair: John Buzuvis)

Golf Classic (2019-2020 Chair: Sandy Mily)

Grants (2019-2020 Chair Gary Stolz)

Greeters/Set Up.


Interact (2019-2020 Chair: Chuck Lang)

Invocation (2019-2020 Chairs: Kurt Heise)

Marketing Committee (2019-2020 Co-Chairs Carol Souchock and Paul Opdyke)

Meeting Room Set-up

Membership (2019-2020 Chair: Russ Jones)

Memorial Scholarships (2019-2020 Chair: Bill Weber)

New Member Orientation (2019-2020 Bill Ventola)

Parking (Art in the Park, etc) (2019-2020 Chair: James Geitzen)

Program (2019-2020 Chair: David Willett)

Past Presidents Advisory

Public Safety Awards (2019-2020 Chair: Dan Amos)

Publicity (2019-2020 Chair: Paul Sincock)

RI Foundation (2019-2020 Chair: Ed Schulz)

RYLA (2019-2020 Chair: Chuck Lang)

Sergeant At Arms (2019-2020 Chair: James Van Horn)

Social (2019-2020 Chair: Christina Vega)

Sponsorship (2019-2020 Chair: James Van Horn)

Vo-Tech Scholarships (2019-2020 Chair: Kurt Olson)

World Service & Disaster Relief (2019-2020 Chair: Tim Joy)

Youth Exchange Counselor (2019-2020 Bill Ventola)

Youth Exchange Officer (2019-2020 Penny Joy)

Youth Exchange (2019-2020 Chair Penny Joy)

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